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The Buddha is no almighty, immortal deity that reigns and watches over humans. The Buddha was a human being who had a deep insight into the nature of our discomfort and the nature of the universe.

Buddhism is a path that helps us recognize our own suffering and a way out of the suffering.

A very important aspect of the practice is direct experience and instead of blind acceptance you are encouraged to experience and investigate much like the scientific method.

Open Sangha acknowledges the fact that in some places good teachers are hard to come by and the dharma comes with a price tag or other strings attached. Buddha-Dharma wants to empower individuals on their path and help them connect so that they can practice together.

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Open Dharma is an initiative to connect practicioners with teachers through a curated list of free and open resources that can be found here.

It contains free books, lectures, courses, videos and articles and is open source so everyone can contribute.

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