Code of Conduct

This is a code of conduct for Open Sangha groups.

  • Members of an Open Sangha have to be informed that this code of conduct exists and it must be made available to them.

Open Nature

  • There is no central leadership behind the project and the website. The material is Open Source and suggestions and improvments are welcome. You are encouraged to fork and expand this project.
  • Open Sanghas are free. None of the services an Open Sangha provides are tied to a fee or donation.
  • Open Sanghas don't focus on one single teacher and his books.
  • Open Sanghas welcome criticism from outside and take it seriously.


  • The goal of an Open Sangha is to make you feel better and empower you as a human being. If the oposite happens then try another group or practicing on your own for a while and contemplate about the reasons.
  • Open Sanghas are not quality controlled. We depend on the members of a group to report if a group does not agree with this code of conduct. If a group does not feel right, there is nothing wrong with founding your own group.
  • The main goal of an Open Sangha is to practice together and to talk about meditation experience.
  • An optional goal is to advertise the group and help people that are too far away to found and advertise their own group.

No Teachers and Leadership

  • Usually there are no teachers in an Open Sangha. Lay people will give basic instructions for very simple exercises. Members are encouraged to use our list of resources to find instructions by real teachers to intensify and correct what they have learned. All the material that can be found on the website is written by lay people and not reviewed by a monastic, teacher or master.
  • Open Sanghas are organized by a maintainer, nobody leads or owns the group.
  • The maintainers job is to keep the group together and keep it focused on the main goal.
  • In order to emphasize that nobody leads the group Open Sanghas can meet at different members homes.